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NEW M · C · M Program

Posted Bydawn
Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 10:27

M•C•M (MUSIC · CAREER · MENTORSHIP) is a project that is designed to train artists to manage themselves and give them the resources they need to develop their art and advance their careers while living in NB. The project runs from October to March. The training is divided into different components, each dealing with a different subject. The training requires a certain investment on the part of the artist. The artist must want to evolve in their art and career. The goal is to apply the knowledge acquired in each component to their career to emerge more equipped and with a solid base.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 28, 2018
PROGRAM OFFICER: Christine Dubé (

The different components are

  • Basic self-management
  • Creation / Performance
  • Booking / Export
  • Production  (subjects include: sound recording / distribution / publishing / royalties / radio tracking)

The objectives of the program are:

  • Provide a solid base for self managed artists through tools and knowledge.
  • Develop and increase capacity and knowledge for the NB music industry, encouraging workers to live and work in NB. 
  • Help artists to shine, develop a career nationally and  internationally

Artist's commitment:

  • One travel weekend per month, (in October, it will be during Festival 506),
  • One weekly online session via web-conference of approximately one hour with the mentor,
  • The artist will invest approximately 12 to 15 hours a week on work provided by the mentor.
  • Browse documents provided independently, consult the mentor if necessary.
  • Commit to wanting to work on your career by applying the mentor's advice and guidance. This will vary depending on where the artist is in their career arc. 

Cost: $150

No cost to apply. Candidates who are chosen must pay their fee before the start of the program. 
Approximate value per participant: $3 500

What we provide

  • All required travel and accommodations for monthly face-to-face sessions (4 total)
  • Mentors and training facilitators 
  • Documentation and study materials
  • Any location or production costs related to the training. 
  • A nice shiny certificate once you've successfully finished the program

What you provide

  • Approximately 15 hours per week.
  • 1 weekend per component (4 components) with program participants and mentors. Locations to be determined
  • Your passion for learning and moving your music career forward.