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Sending a Press Release #likeapro

Posted By dawn
Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 12:09

You're writing music like a pro, and now it's time to send press releases like a pro. Here are a few tips to could help you get noticed (in a good way) by the media. 


  1. Keep it short and professional. One page max and no funny fonts!
  2. Pick ONE subject for your release. Your upcoming album, that award you won, your new show, etc.
  3. Don't use 'We' or 'I' (except in quotes). Channel your inner Kanye and write in the third person.
  4. Read, re-read, correct, spell-check and correct again. 
  5. Find someone who doesn't know anything about your project and ask them to read your release. You are living with your music day & night, and you need outside perspective.
  6. Don't brag about yourself. You CAN include a quote (with permission) from an influencial person in the musical community (a reviewer, a manager - not your own! - another musicians, etc.)
  7. Always include a short artist bio. 
  8. Polish the visual presentation (header with logo, justified alignment, short paragraphs).
  9. At the bottom, add the contact info:

Contact name (an actual, factual person, not your band or artist name)
Professional email (ditch your
Phone number
Website (update before sending!)
One or two social media links (only if you are present on them. Don't send them to your Twitter if your last tweet dates back to 2012)
Bandcamp or iTunes

Hitting 'Send'

  1. Copy the release text in the body of the email. Sending a PDF is fine, but many journalists won't open attachments.
  2. Don't attach a hi-res photo. Include a link to photos on your website or MNB profile, or a cloud link if you would prefer they use a specific photo.
  3. Add a streaming link, especially if the release is about an album. Don't forget to indicate if the link can be shared with the public or if it's for the media only. 
  4. If you are sending to a list, use BBC. (To learn what is BCC)
  5. Do a bit of research and find the direct email for cultural journalists and bloggers who usually cover your type of music. Send them a personalized email and/or an offer of a free ticket to your next concert in their town. 

A few #protips

  1. Find out when the journalists' particular deadlines are. 
  2. Without being creepy, build relationships with journalists. Go to industry events, such as FrancoFête, ECMA, Festival (506). Introduce yourself. Share their articles on your Facebook page and tag them.
  3. Use a mailing list provider like MailChimp to keep track of your contacts and monitor who is reading your press releases.
  4. After sending, share your release on your website and social media.