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Showcase 2019

Posted Bydawn

From October 24 to 27, 2019, in MONCTON, Music•Musique NB will present some of the best developping talent New Brunswick has to offer! Here is your chance to wow national & international delegates, and other industry professionals. All genres and styles of music are eligible to apply — you just need to be a current MNB member.

Fee to apply: $25
Final deadline: April 26, 2019.

Here is what we are asking and why we are asking it!

A unique email address: Each application needs a unique email address. It's a bit inconvenient if you need to fill out applications for multiple bands, but the alternative was not being able to save your progress. Fortunately, most email providers will let you add +alias before the '@'.

You are a manager and you need to fill out forms for your two bands, Potato/Potato and The Rotorkrieg. You can use your regular email address (info @ and create two unique email addresses (which will all go to your regular mailbox): info+potato @ and info+rotorkrieg @

Commitment to attend the conference sessions: While there might be valid reasons why you can't attend the full three days of events, selected showcasing artists are expected to take part in the conference and networking sessions. This is where the magic happens!

Link to your MNB Profile: The selection committee will look at your online presence, and they will start with your MNB profile. They are looking for great music, of course, but they are also looking for artists who are engaged with their fans. They will click and visit all your embedded social media links. Plus, our showcase opportunities are open to our members only, so you need your MNB profile to apply.

Press Photo: Artist photos are used on our website, social media, printed material and press releases. We need a landscape photo, with no watermarks. Preferably, the photo will be in colour, will show all the band members and will have no words on it (ie, no band names). The photo needs to be versatile, so that it can be easily sent to the media.

Short bio:  Think of this as your elevator pitch! The bios are shared with the delegates attending our Festival. They need basic info (your genre, how many members in your group, etc.), but you also need to stand out and show your creativity.

Past & future: List all your shows for the past year and the upcoming year, with venue names, cities, dates, and other bands who played with you. We also want to know if you have a recent release and/or an upcoming one.

Gaps: We are hard at work, trying to book some amazing delegates, but we still have some wiggle room reserved for specific needs of our showcasing artists. Where are your knowledge gaps? What type of industry pro is missing from your team? What markets you are focusing on this year? Give us the info and we'll try to find your match!

Your Plan: Festival (506) is first and foremost an industry event, geared towards artists who are keen on developping their musical career. Show us you mean business by letting us know how you plan to use this particular opportunity to help you reach your goals.

Your team: List all your band mates and their instruments. If you're a solo artist, let us know if you intend to bring people on stage with you or if you're planning a solo performance. We're also interested to know who else is on your team (social media manager, agent, choreographer, etc.)

Genre List: The selection committee does its best to program artists in the most appropriate showcase. Let us know which three genre best apply to your music.

Music: The Selection Committee will listen to two songs, and two songs only. Pick your best among your most recent!

Live Performance video: The Selection Committee is not necessarily looking at the production value of the video. They mostly want to see your stage presence and how you interact with the crowd. However, keep in mind that the selection committee might never have seen you live, and this is their first impression!

Everything else!: Last chance to convice the Selection Committee that you are a good fit for Festival (506). Always assume that the Committee knows nothing about you, so omit nothing!