Craig Lang

Folk, Pop, Rock

CRAIG LANG is a Canadian alternative rock musician on the verge of artistic success. His music captures and embodies the story of its own evolution. Lang’s impulse for creative expression, unflinching social analysis, and his characteristic musical integrity are evident in his distinct brand of alternative rock permeated with the intensity of singer-songwriter ethos. The unique intersection of Lang’s story and his art culminates in a product that is, at once, deeply personal and insistently universal.

The dedication to music that informs Lang’s work is evident in his background. He holds university degrees in mathematics and music composition, which imbue his art with theoretical and technical dexterity. Moreover, his extensive live performances—including sold-out shows in support of Signal Hill and Kim Wempe—are notable for their passionate delivery facilitated by his considerable experience. Ultimately, Lang’s music embraces the best of both creative poles, demonstrating an Apollonian musical rigor that never distracts from the Dionysian impulse for artistic creation.

In recent months, Lang has worked with some of the most prominent musicians in the Maritimes to create an EP, FIVE, which delivers on the promise of his potential. Set for release in fall of 2014, this collection will be supported by an acoustic tour in 2015 that will showcase Lang’s marked technical skill in a setting that allows the songs ample space to stand out on their own.

With his creative gift and compositional experience, Lang is dedicated to the continual evolution of his art. His distinctive voice and original sound has attracted attention throughout the East Coast, and his tireless efforts suggest that it is unlikely to stop there.