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Flea Market Underground

Rock, Roots



Flea Market Underground is a 4 piece roots/rock band. They mix great harmonies with Mike's amazing guitar playing for a truly unique experience. The experience comes from various genre roots. Bluegrass, metal, rock, classic rock, country, and more. 

Flea Market Underground like to play things their way and try to make covers their own in the the style of their original music  


Chris Glidden - Lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Mike Cormier - Lead Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, backing vocals

Josh Boudreau - Bass, ubass, backing vocals

Wade Butland - Drums

Backup percussion

Chris Mersereau - Drums, percussion, backing vocal s

Jeremy Quiring - Cajon, backing vocals

Marcus Fougere - Drums

Al Cormier - Drums