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La Patente

Acadian, Folk, Punk

La Patente, c'est 4 gars du Madawaska réunis à Fredericton pour la musique et surtout, l'ambition de vous offrir du Folk Rock francophone ben sale. C’est de la musique franche. Pas de froufrous, pas de crèmage, pas d’Auto-tune (pour vrai), juste des grosses tounes avec du triangle. Des chansons qui vous transportent dans l'univers de l'homme ordinaire et de ses démons.


La Patente is four guys born in the wilds of Madawaska and subsequently reunited in Fredericton, New Brunswick. They came together not only for the joy of playing good music together, but also to give you some francophone folk rock with balls. It is not your grandma’s folk (unless she's baller). No frills, no fancy tricks, no Auto-tune; just blasting songs with cajun triangle and a damn good story. These songs will transport you into the universe of the working man and all of his demons. We hope you enjoy.

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