Melanie Morgan


With her latest self-titled album, Canadian country music sweetheart Melanie Morgan is ready for the spotlight. Perhaps more importantly, the spotlight is ready for her.

One can’t help but reflect on how far she has come in the ten years since the release of her debut record Brand New Day.

Recorded in Nashville, Brand New Day served as the perfect means to introduce herself to audiences. Her single “My Man” earned Melanie nods from both the East Coast Music Awards as well as the Canadian Radio Music Awards while also garnering the singer airplay on CMT.

Her sophomore record Goodbye Birmingham reflected her experience of the previous two years and then some. Co-produced with Monty Criswell, confidence was more in abundance this time around, resulting in Melanie co-writing the bulk of the record with songwriters such as George Teren (Tim McGraw) and Wade Kirby (Darius Rucker).

In 2011, Melanie once again found herself in the national spotlight thanks to the CBC Television program Cover Me Canada. The reality-styled show sought to uncover one of Canada’s best vocalists and/or groups. And although she didn’t walk-away the winner, her runner-up status was nonetheless astonishing.

As grateful as she was for the opportunity to experience life in Canada’s largest city while participating in Cover Me Canada, she was equally happy to return to her Atlantic Canadian home. So it is no coincidence that Melanie chose to keep things closer to home with her latest effort, recording in her hometown of Moncton. The feeling of familiarity permeates each note.

Even though the record was made close to home, Melanie didn’t completely shut Nashville out of the making of her self-titled effort, however. Of the 10 songs on the record, Melanie had a hand in co-writing six of them with the likes of Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Lila McCann, Jennifer Schott, Wade Kirby and Phil O'Donnell.

Given the strength of the songs on Melanie Morgan’s latest record, it is safe to say that her journey is starting anew again.

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