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Sw3aTy Sam

Hip-Hop, Pop

Sw3aTy Sam is an independent artist from Saint John, New Brunswick.

Sam is well-known in the Saint John and surrounding area for his unique, real, and sometimes dark messages which he conveys through his rap music. Up until 2018 Sam's sound consisted of mostly boom bap hip-hop which he says is influenced by the New York rap scene from the 90s and 2010s. At the same time his old music also provides a healthy mix of alternative rap similar to unconventional groups like Odd Future from the West Coast.

More recently, Sam's style has evolved and is now heavily influenced by the new wave of Hip-Hop. By taking in inspiration from the new wave of rap and combining it with his old style from 2014-2018, he has successfully blended his own new style composed of Alternative Hip-Hop/Pop which he calls "Singing Rap". He is not the first to pioneer this genre and admits that he is influenced by the new rappers of this generation. However he makes his style original in his own way by bringing his messages and new twists to the style which is very noticeable when you listen to his music. This new style is clearly demonstrated on his debut album "Dark World" which was released in August 2020.