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Instrumental, Rock

An instrumental, progressive rock trio hailing from Sussex, New Brunswick. TheLeftovers invite you into their floating melodies of solitude, only to throw you into a chaotic stream of heavy emotions. 

Made up of Corey McMillan (Guitar), Dale MacCallum (Bass), and Brock Jorgensen (Drums), the band creates compelling songs based off human emotions. Each Track is it's own journey for the listener, with McMillan's melodies carrying the torch. The Trio blends together influences of hard rock, progressive natures, and psychedelic genres to mold their own sound.  

"Born out of isolation and the desire to create something new during the darkest days of the pandemic, Sussex-based progressive instrumental rock trio TheLeftovers have found their place within the province’s independent music community by blending rock riffs with arrangements that lean more towards classical music than traditional rock and roll."

"A method that involves multiple starts and stops, as if the intent is to lead the listener through a series of dynamic pathways with no clear or apparent direction. But it is through this approach that Jorgensen, MacCallum and McMillan find a direction all their own. The process of connecting melodies and patterns in an unconventional way gives both the band and its debut release an identity that stands in contrast to the status quo. "

                                   - Matt Carr, Grid City Magazine