Weak Size Fish


Weak Size Fish is a 7-piece dub-reggae, jam band based in the Canadian east coast city of Fredericton, NB. With a diverse group of musicians, the band blends a wide array of styles into a unique melting pot. A tight rhythm section creates a danceable foundation for atmospheric melodies, stabby horn hooks and powerful vocals with catchy reflective lyrics, surrounding listeners with an uplifting and dynamic atmosphere of sound.

Over the better part of a decade, having gone through many changes with a rotating lineup and an ever-evolving sound, the band continues to refine their unique style as they enter the studio for the recording of their third-LP.

Through years of touring eastern Canada, the band has carved their name onto the stage of the Canadian east coast music scene with a high-energy danceable live show that consists of exclusive live versions of original material filled with improvisations making every show a fresh treat. It’s no wonder they have been packing local clubs, bars and have been featured at such festivals as NxNE, Envol et MacAdam, Harvest Jazz & Blues, EVOLVE, ECMAs, Folly Fest and Paddlefest.

With two studio LPs under their belt, Shakedown (2012) and Off We Go (2009), the band has a clear vision to push forward to higher heights and continue to refine their sound with the release of new material in 2018.

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Friday // Salle Hédard-Lanteinge 2

CCNB Campus De Caraquet
Friday, October 26, 2018

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