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Indie, Punk, Rock

Wickerborne is a punk rock band hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, composed of Rob Gray, Talon Mullin, Cujo Bonvie, and James Dykhuizen. Their music features a unique blend of self-deprecating lyrics, high-octane instrumentals , and hooks that are bound to get stuck in your head.

Wickerborne released their debut single, "Paper Knives" on July 1st. The track showcases the band's signature style, with blunt and irreverent lyrics that lament their own shortcomings. With Rob's vocals, Cujo's driving bass lines, Talon's guitar riffs, and James' drumming, "Paper Knives" promises to be a memorable introduction to Wickerborne's music.

Robert Gray
James Dykhuizen
Talon Mullin
CuJo Bonvie