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Conference How to Understand Your Metadata - Photo by LP Chiasson

Disability…And Podcast [UK]

The Disability And… Podcast gets right to the heart of some of the most pressing issues in arts, culture and beyond with a series of bold, provocative and insightful interviews with disabled artists, key industry figures and the odd legend. 

Inclusive Arts: On the Same Stage

This on-demand video webinar features artists, arts instructors, and allies to the D/deaf and Disability arts community. In this video, H’art Centre in Kingston, Ontario shares stories of local professional artists and their experiences working on arts projects with D/deaf artists and artists with disabilities. This webinar will introduce H’art’s award-winning MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training Program that benefited from consolidating those years of experiences and current best practices.

Digital Instrument Development

A project to create a digital musical instrument to facilitate the practice of music for people with disabilities.

DRUMS as a tool to help with social interactions for people with autism

(In French Only) The APPROSH program helps people with autism and other special needs improve their social interactions and communication through art and music, specifically with percussion.