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Resources for artists

Emilie Landry en vitrine 2023 - Photo par LP Chiasson

artsNB Grants for Accessibility and Equity

The Access Support and Application Assistance programs are designed to provide New Brunswick artists with more equitable access to artsnb grant programs. These two programs offer additional financial support to individuals who identify specific barriers to carrying out their proposed activities, or within the application process itself.

The Disability Collective [Toronto, ON]

As an organization led by disabled artists and advocates, The Disability Collective is dedicated to creating spaces, as well as producing content and events that are as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

Xenia Concerts Artist Training Program [Toronto, ON]

The Xenia Concerts Artist Training Program teaches musicians how to design and deliver sensory-friendly concerts. Through a series of webinars, a guidebook, and group discussion, artists will learn how to consider diverse accessibility needs and create multiple points of access to listeners who face barriers to inclusion at typical arts events. 

ACCESS Rider for artists

An Access Rider is a document that outlines your disability access and neurodiversity needs. You can give it to venues and festivals when you start working with them, to let them know what you need them to facilitate to make sure you have equal access to work.