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2019 Annual General Meeting

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You will need to enter your name and email address. Please enter your personal name AND your membership name (if you are with a band, if you have an artist name, etc.)

  • Your microphone and your camera will not be activated during the meeting.
  • Keep the chat window open, as the meeting admin may send documents or links, or answer questions/comments that would be of benefit to all the participants
  • If you have a question or comment, click "Q&A". All the online participants will be able to see your question or comment. The meeting admin will answer the questions as they come in, but please be patient. There is only one meeting admin, and many participants! 
  • Use the "Raise your hand" button for questions or concerns that need a timely response.
  • When your vote is needed, a screen will pop-up. The meeting admin will give you one minute to register your vote.

The meeting admin will be online starting at 2:30 pm, and the AGM will start at 3 pm.