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8 NB Artists To Watch For!

Posted Bydawn

Post written by Heidi-Lyn O'Connor of East Track Mind

FREYA MILLIKEN | OCT 21 | 7:30 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

FREYA MILLIKEN has been busy on the festival circuit, adding Paddlefest, Full Circle, Larlee Creek Hullabaloo, and Ancient River Festival to her resume, so there’s a good chance local music lovers have seen her perform before. With a chills-inducing quality to her voice, she channels influences like Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, and Boston. She loves to mix multiple genres and an astute listener can hear the jazz influences tucked into her folk pop/rock. Any student gearing up to graduate from Acadia University would have their hands full enough, but that hasn’t stopped Freya from beginning to record her debut album, which she hopes to take on tour as soon as the school year ends.

SAM HUDSON | OCT 21 | 8:00 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

SAM HUDSON burst onto the scene by making the top 100 in this year’s CBC’s national Searchlight competition for his song “Icarus”. After spending years wondering if he should pursue music, he finally took a leap of faith – and it paid off. He entered the competition with no followers to speak of, but still managed to secure enough backing for his song to break through the ocean of entries. Icarus isn’t done making waves yet. It’s also nominated for MNB’s Video of the Year. Sam harbours a deep love for the Beatles coupled with influences like Ben Folds (check out the keys in Icarus) and Death Cab for Cutie. He’s got an album underway, so we’ll be hearing more from him soon. 

MAUDE SONIER | OCT 21 | 8:30 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

MAUDE SONIER is a young artist who, while she is new, has been dominating local musical events earning “Lauréate d’Accros de la chanson 2021”. She was also a finalist at both “Gala de la chanson de Caraquet 2022” and “Festival International de la chanson de Granby” all before the age of 20. That led to her being given showcases across the country this year and she can’t wait to hit the road! She doesn’t have any music released in an official capacity yet, but she’s already working on changing that, starting with recording a live session with Aurum Waves. Being young, she is still exploring various sounds and finds herself living between the worlds of pop/folk, alternative rock, R&B, and classical music. She has been heavily influenced by local acts in particular, such as Les Hay Babies, Ariane Roy, Lou-Adrianne Cassidy, and Pierre Guitard. 

STEPHEN HERO | OCT 21 | 9:00 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

STEPHEN HERO has had a whirlwind year culminating in nominations for both Recording of the Year and Song of the Year at this year’s Prix MNB Awards. However, his reputation now extends beyond his home province. He landed highlights in The Globe and Mail and Complex this year. He is fully dedicated to a true Hip Hop sound with a “working class rap” edge. Fans of De La Soul and Beastie Boys will feel an instant connection to his music, which is created with the utmost passion for his genre. Keep your eye out for his latest EP, coming out on November 18, which will be a precursor to a full-length album at a later date.

AMBER WALLS | OCT 22 | 7:30 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

AMBER WALLS borrows largely from 90s country vibes and seeks inspiration from Ashley McBride, Taylor Swift, and HARDY. She only began playing live shows in the last year but is nevertheless a seasoned performer as she has been in school and church choirs for as long as she can remember.  Like so many, she used the lockdown to teach herself to play a musical instrument and her guitar has been a faithful friend ever since. She recently did a co-write with Acadian artist Jasmine Vienneau, which helped her prepare for her studio days ahead and the task of birthing a debut album. 

READE GAUVIN | OCT 22 | 8:00 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

READE GAUVIN is a secret New Brunswick can no longer keep. She may be new on the scene, but it wasn’t long before her talent earned her recognition. You’ll want to see her while you can, as she was just offered a large scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. That is no small feat, nor is it the only scholarship she’s won this year. Keli May Foundation in Arizona also found her contributions notable. You can hear influences of Ron Sexsmith, Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple, and even Ben Caplan in her folk rock/jazz blend. Her debut single is on the way, but you’ll want to catch it live meanwhile.

Samuel Bourgeois | OCT 22 | 8:30 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

SAMUEL BOURGEOIS is a returning folk/bluegrass artist fresh off a furlough to be with his budding family. He is no stranger to the scene, having played with many local groups prior to his break, and his return is no surprise since he’s been playing music since he was 12 years old. He’s got a new act and a new sound that you can expect to include upright bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle, and the occasional banjo. Samuel has some songs ready to hit streaming very soon and hopes to tackle radio and a music video in the next year.

MESSE | OCT 22 | 9:00 pm | Aberdeen Cultural Centre

MESSE is a trio hailing from Bathurst. Their musical influences dip into stoner rock, with a psychedelic sound and some grunge added in for good measure. Their music will make you jump, sweat, scream, dance, and feel alive. They auto-produced a first EP in 2021, and they are planning to record a second one this winter. MESSE is Jacob Savoie on drums, Maxime Boudreau on guitar, and Samuel Newman on bass.