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Call for Board Member Nomination

Posted By dawn
Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 10:27

Music•Musique NB is reaching out to its members who might wish to serve on our Board of directors. 

We believe in diversity and value the benefits that diversity can bring to our board of directors. Music•Musique NB seeks to maintain a Board comprised of talented and dedicated directors with a diverse mix of expertise, experience, skills and background. For purposes of Board composition, diversity includes, but is not limited to, experience, geography, language, age, gender, ethnicity, and aboriginal status.

Also, general qualifications include:

  • Understanding of the fiduciary responsibility associated with the position 
  • Willingness to serve on the Board.
  • Ability to meet the projected time commitment.
  • Capacity for attention to the organization.
  • Ability to function as a deliberative body (to participate in group decision-making, using pre-established principles of the group and ability to support Board decisions even when the individual voted against the majority).
  • Willingness to participate in Board orientation and continuing education.
  • Integrity and the absence of serious conflicts of interest.
  • Ideology and values consistent with those of Music•Musique NB
  • A personal commitment to the organization’s mission and vision.


  • Four in-person meetings (3h) a year + the Annual General Meeting (1h).
  • Participation in two sub-committees (6 or 7 phone meetings (1h) a year).
  • Promptly answer occasional short surveys/emails when staff needs feedback on a specific issue.
  • Champion Music·Musique NB and encourage membership.
  • Three-year term.

It is a volunteer position, but Music·Musique NB reimburses travel expenses for meetings and for certain events.

To submit your name to the Nominating Committee, please fill out this form.

DEADLINE | May 29 2020, 4:00 pm