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NEW: Child Care Expenses

Posted Bydawn

Music·Musique NB created a new exploratory initiative for the Music Industry Development (MID) Program and added Child Care Expenses as an eligible expense, for projects involving travel. The project aims to better support musicians and industry professionals with very young children, in the continuation of their career development.

This pilot project for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will allow Music·Musique NB to better determine the needs of the New Brunswick musical community.

Applicant Eligibility

  • To be eligible, the Applicant must upload a copy of a government-issued document (birth certificate, passport, Canadian citizenship certificate, or similar official document) in their Applicant profile, for each eligible child, for each eligible band member.
  • The child must be under 2 years old and dependent on the eligible band member.
  • Further proof may be requested by the MID Program Officer

Eligible Expense

  • The Child Care Expenses criteria are very similar to the Per diem Expenses.
  • $40 per eligible band member (not per child) per day
    • If a child is dependent on two (2) or more band members, only one band member can claim the Child Care Expenses:
      • If the two moms of one child are in a band, only one mom can claim the $40 Child Care expense per Eligible day.
      • If mom and dad are in a band and they have 3 children under two, only one 40$ Child care expense per Eligible day can be claimed. They also have our sympathies.
  • Child Care Expenses do not require receipts. A proof of payment or a signed a Payment Declaration Form is required.
  • Child Care Expenses for projects presented within a 100-km radius of the artist’s home base are not eligible
  • Tours: Child Care Expenses are not eligible for periods beyond four (4) consecutive days off.
  • Amounts for Child Care cannot be increased once approved by the MID Program Officer.

The Music Industry Development program is made possible thanks to the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

For Media Inquiries

Dawn Després-Smyth
Member Happiness Coordinator

For MID Program Applicants

Nicole Léger-Blockley
MID Program Officer