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Don't click 'Send'!

Posted By dawn
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 11:02

So you want to contact a music industry pro? Here are a few tips not to appear clueless!

  1. Do your research! Make sure that you're contacting the right person/organization for the right reason. Looking for funding with FACTOR? Contact the Project Coordinator, not their Accountant. Want to promote your album? Find the cultural bloggers/radio hosts who typically cover your genre. Being thoughtful and showing that you did your homework will go a long way.
  2. Send personalized messages! Music industry pros get a LOT of emails every day. Anything that looks like a mass mail-out will likely get deleted (if it even gets past the spam filter). You're better off sending out 20 targeted emails than 200 BCC ones. 
  3. Think about timing! Interested in playing at a festival? Don't contact the organizers in the month prior to the event! Know that programming usually happens months in advance. So after the line-up is announced, demonstrate you're industry-savvy by showing your interest in playing at next year's event, not the current one.
  4. Make it easy (for them)! Want them to listen to your song? Provide the url. Talking about your tour? Send the dates/venues/Facebook events. Don't make your contact do your work for you, and provide the link to your website, your Instagram, your MySpace, or wherever you are online.
  5. Think about timing again! Journalists/bloggers have deadlines and are interested in things that are new. Asking for promotion two days before your concert or a month after your album release is not going to get you the results you want.
  6. Be professional! It doesn't matter how much you curse on stage and use words your mom would be shocked to hear (SHOCKED, I say!), put the "pro" in industry professional. Start with a greeting, introduce yourself, compose complete sentences, and so on. Once you have a relationship with the person, you can k-thx-bye all you want, but make those initial impressions count. And create an email signature with all your contact info.
  7. Use the official channel! No personal email, no texting, no personal Facebook. Unless the person says that they prefer being contacted via a specific medium, always use their business email, phone number or social media. We know it's easy to shoot a quick Facebook message to someone (we're guilty of it too!), but resist the temptation.
  8. Think before you send! If you need to ask a question, make sure that the answer is not already on their website. Try and consider all the questions you might have for the person, and send it in one clear email. A few flurries of notes on your end might appear like a email storm on the other end.