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Overview of Festival/Conference (506)

Festival/Conference (506) is an annual music industry event organized by Music·Musique NB (MNB). Spanning four days, it includes a full industry conference, showcasing opportunities for New Brunswick artists, as well as the Prix MNB Awards show.

Each year, over 30 bands and solos artists from all across New Brunswick converge in one community to participate in a professional development conference and in networking opportunities. Music industry professionals, such as festival organizers, venue bookers and music journalists, come from New Brunswick, the Maritimes, Canada and beyond, to hear our New Brunswick talent and do business.

The Prix MNB Awards show is a big family reunion for the musical community. Exceptional musicians, industry professionals and music businesses are acknowledged and celebrated by their peers, and the evening always draws much media attention.

While some parts of Festival/Conference (506) are geared to the music industry, the majority of the event is open to the public. Anyone can purchase a conference pass, and most showcases are open to the ticket-buying public.

Role of the Host Community

One of the key success criteria of Festival/Conference (506) is the commitment from the Host Community. Our goal is to work as a team with the Host Community to showcase both the music industry and the Host Community.

The Host Community Committee:

  • Offer early logistical support to the MNB Team (identify potential venues and community partners, provide information about the existing music community in the Host Community and recruit allies, educate the MNB Team on the flavor and unique characteristics of the Host Community).
  • Promote the event on social media, in newsletters, in networking events, to local small businesses, and other similar avenues.
  • Is a vocal and active supporter of the event.
  • Find and help manage the volunteers needed during the event (usually between 20 and 30).

Core events

While the MNB Team manages and implements the core event logistics, the support and enthusiasm of the Host Community Committee is crucial in planning and delivering Festival/Conference (506).

  1. Prix MNB Awards show: This event celebrates a year in the New Brunswick Industry. Awards are distributed to winners, and musical performances keep the evening lively. This event is usually preceded by a VIP reception for nominees and partners.
    Items needed: Space to hold a VIP Reception for 60-75 people, bar service and facilities on location, concert venue (seats between 250 and 400 people) with a stage that can comfortably hold a full band, plus a podium, and a green room for the performing artists.
  2. Conference: The professional development sessions and one-on-one meetings are at the heart of Festival/Conference (506). International industry professionals mingle with our New Brunswick music community, and business deals are negotiated.
    Items needed: A registration area/headquarter (to distribute passes and orient the delegates and artists), two rooms to hold panels/workshops for 40-50 people, one room to hold 20-30 tables + chairs to serve as a general meeting place and dining area, and catering service on site or easy-to-access facilities for a contracted catering service. This needs to be in one building, and easily accessible for delegates and artists.
  3. Networking Receptions: These receptions happen once the conference sessions are done, and before the evening showcases begin.
    Items needed: Hosting area for 75 people and bar service. Food service is an asset. This venue needs to be within short walking distance of the conference venue.
  4. Showcases: Every year, New Brunswick’s best developing talent vie for the opportunity to perform at Festival/Conference (506), on the showcasing stage. It is their chance to turn the industry delegates into fans, and potentially get booked for future shows.
    Items needed: One music venue (seats 100-200 people), cabaret-style, and bar service. Sound quality needs to be superior. Access to a production team on site or easily contracted. Preferably, this venue will be close to the Conference venue.
  5. Debriefing Brunch: At the end of the event, before everyone catches their flight home, the delegates and the MNB Team meets to go over the highlights and the lowlights of the event.
    Items needed: Casual brunch restaurant, private space for 20 people.
  6. Accommodations: In order to host the national and international delegates, plus the MNB Team, 110 room-nights are needed (10 rooms on the Wednesday, 20 rooms on the Thursday, 40 rooms on the Friday, and 40 rooms on the Saturday). Preferably, these rooms will be within walking distance of the Conference and Showcase venues.

Host Community Committee Commitment

The key to a successful Festival/Conference (506) is the support the Host Committee. Our goal is that Music·Musique NB and the Host Committee work as a team to showcase our industry and the Host Community to the rest of the world

  1. The Host Committee is to provide Music·Musique NB an event fee of $5,000. Full payment will be required upon signing of the Host Community contract.
  2. In addition to the event fee, it is the responsibility of the Host Committee to secure a $2,500 in-kind and/or sponsorship investment to MNB. The in-kind investment can include accommodations, venue rental, outdoor signage, shuttle rental, restaurant voucher, or other pre-approved contribution.
  3. Recruit a Champion in the Host Community. This person will be the point of contact for the MNB Team, and will ensure that the following tasks are done or delegated correctly: Recruiting and managing volunteers, promoting the event in the Host Community, distributing Marketing and Communication material with local networks, approaching local businesses for partnership, engaging with the local music community, and if necessary, creating and implementing a transportation plan for shuttles to and from the nearest airport and local shuttles if the Showcase venues and the Delegates’ Hotel are not within walking distance.

Music·Musique NB is responsible for relations with year-round sponsors, ticketing and box office operations, event budget, artistic and conference programming, technical production, development and implementation of a Marketing and Communication plan, final venue selection, volunteer scheduling, and accommodation booking.

Host Community Bid

Please include:

  1. Reasons why your Community would be a great host for Festival/Conference (506).
  2. Event fee guarantee ($5,000 cash and $2,500 in-kind and/or sponsorship
  3. List of potential venues (showcases and conference)
  4. List of potential hotels (with a list of amenities and number of rooms)
  5. Location and travel distance to the nearest airport
  6. Name and contact information of Host Community Champion and other committee members.

Deadline to apply

October 4th, 2019

Send your proposal to

Music·Musique NB
140 Botsford St., suite 30
Moncton, NB   E1C 4X4