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By Nicole, Program Officer at Music•Musique NB

The first step when applying for MID investment is to create or update your MID Applicant Profile. Here is some useful information about the MID Applicant profile and why it’s important. 

Quick note:

  1. We are no longer using Podio to manage the MID applicant profiles. 
  2. We have eliminated all statistical information such as number of downloads, number of video views, number of albums sold, etc.

MID Applicant Profile vs the MNB Profile

Your Music·Musique NB (MNB) member’s profile is different from your MID Applicant Profile. While your MNB Profile is public, the MID Applicant Profile is not; only the MID Program Officer (me), the jurors and yourself have access to it.

You also don’t have to be a MNB member to apply to the MID program. 

How do I create my MID Applicant Profile?

You can create your MID Applicant Profile here

When you are done creating your MID applicant profile, you will receive an email from Jotform, the online platform used to create and manage your profile. You will also receive a link to your profile. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe so you can refer to it when your applicant profile needs to be updated (usually before submitting a new application). 

Why is the MID Applicant Profile Important?

  • All MID applications must be linked to a MID Applicant Profile. 
  • It has useful information about the artist or the music business applying for investment, such as a biography, promotional photo, list of team members, social media stats, video links, past and future performances, etc.
  • Jurors use it as a reference when evaluating applications so it’s important to update it before submitting a new application! This is how they get to know more about the applicants and their activities. Not all jurors are from New Brunswick or familiar with your music or what you do!

Some things to keep in mind…

  • We ask for a lot of information but don’t worry; we (including jurors) understand that not everyone is at the same stage of their career. An Emerging artist may not have any releases, video links or notable mentions or awards yet, and that’s ok! Make sure to update the profile as you go!
  • During the jury process, a couple of points could be deducted if the Profile hasn’t been updated in a while (e.g. the Future Performances section still has 2017 shows). Sometimes, it’s those 2 extra points that separates those who receive funding from those who don’t!
  • At each deadline, I review all applications to make sure they are complete. If there is no applicant profile to link it to, I will send an email and give you a deadline to create one before the start of the jury process. Failure to do so will result in your application being considered incomplete and withdrawn from the MID program.
  • Change of profile name or main contact person: Those are the only two things that you can’t edit. Email me the updated information and I can do that for you!
  • Your Applicant Profile is NOT the MID application. The link to submit an online application is here. For more information on each component, go to the MID Overview page.

Not sure if you already have a MID Applicant Profile? Don’t remember how to access the profile you created a while back?

  • Don’t create a new one… well, not yet anyways! Send me an email at and I can confirm if you have one or not. If you don't remember how to access it, I can help you with that too by sending you the link. 

Sharing your MID Applicant Profile with your Manager or a grant writer

  • To share your MID Applicant Profile with your manager or grant writer, you can send them the Jotform link you received when it was created.
  • If you are no longer working with a manager or a grant writer, and they are the main contact in your applicant profile, make sure to advise me. I can update the contact info.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to email me! 

Nicole, MID Program Officer