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NB at HOME: Paid opportunity for artists

Posted Bydawn


In these times of physical distancing and social solidarity, we all need to adapt to our new (and temporary) reality and find new ways to connect and share.  Music·Musique NB is partnering the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture to launch the NB AT HOME program. We are proud to contribute to the wellbeing of our music community by providing paid opportunities for musicians to present live music performances via social media. This also is a great opportunity for people to support the local scene in the comfort of their own homes! 

(Read the press release sent by MNB and the Province of New Brunswick)

Music·Musique NB encourages submissions from members of diverse communities, including Indigenous artists, artists of colour, artists with disabilities, artists from the LGBTQ+ community, and artists who identify with other intersectional and marginalized groups.


  • Must be a New Brunswick resident for at least one (1) year.
  • Music Performances must be between 30mins and 60mins. 
  • Performances must be presented on a professional Facebook Page (artist page).
  • Selected artists will receive honorariums between $1,000 and $2,000 for their live-streamed performances. 
  • All physical distancing recommendations by the province of New Brunswick must be followed. A full band performance is eligible only if members are already in isolation together.
  • A note for bands: get creative! Can you do an acoustic version of the show with only one member? 

Selection process

  • Applications will be assessed once a week by a committee that includes MNB staff, a MNB board member and a member of the NB music industry.  
  • Assessments will be based on artistic merit, performance experience and the live streaming performance concept presented by the artist in their application. The selection committee may contact you for more information.
  • The selection committee will strive to respect the MNB Policy for Diversity. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, experience, geography, language, age, gender, ethnicity, and aboriginal status.
  • Five (5) artists will be selected each week to perform in the following week .
  • Eligible artists that are not selected will stay in the pool for future weeks. 
  • No deadline. Applications will be assessed until funding is depleted.