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Cameron Molloy

Folk, Pop

Canadian singer-songwriter Cameron Molloy is a born performer. Listen in the midst of an engaged audience while he provides a unique yet simple take on live performance — him, his valued Taylor acoustic, looper, and kick drum. Smooth vocals collided with articulated guitar rhythms will gather crowds.

As a full-time musician pursuing a formal education in Jazz Studies at Saint Francis Xavier University, Cameron’s skillset is ever-growing while he works on his musical composition. Passionate about pursuing a song-writing career since the age of eight following his first coffee house performances, Cameron has established a vast repertoire of original music. In 2020 he released his debut album Lyric Journal, which is an intimate collection of songs, each with its own unique story of love and loss. While keeping the sound authentic to live performance and Maritime essence, the album exhibits insight into his very own lyrical journey.

Throughout the years, Cameron has showcased his inspiration and his talent at numerous festivals and events, like the East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) as a Radio Opening Artist, Music NB as a Youth Showcase Artist, River Jam Festival, Larlee Creek Hullabaloo Festival, as well as an Emerging Artists for the Canadian Musicians Cooperative.

Whether it be in the ocean breeze or in your local bar, Camerons lulling composure exceeds the ordinary.

Contact info:
Phone (506)233-2002
Email :

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