Cathy Hutch

Blues, Country, Rock

My greatest passion in life is music. Playing it, singing it, listening to it, writing it, dreaming it. And in November of 2007 I found myself in Nashville recording it. I did a CD of 10 original songs, and it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

What took me there is a story in itself, because until that year I'd never thought of myself as a singer. I was a drummer in a couple of blues bands in Fredericton, NB, where I lived at the time. Yup, a female drummer, which I suppose is a little different to begin with. But I'm also the mother of two grown daughters; one of whom is profoundly autistic, and it was because of a crisis situation with her that I left my job in order to advocate for her more fully, and when I wasn't busy advocating I poured myself into music.

Oddly enough, it wasn't my drums I turned to though, but my guitar and writing songs. And singing....I discovered the joy of singing, if at only for myself at first. My band members thought I had talent and encouraged me to do a demo, which I did. Fast track a few months, and I was introduced to a local producer/sing/songwriter who, it turned out, also had a child with autism. Together we wrote a song for our children called "I'm In Here", and two months later we flew to Nashville to record my album.

Today, I perform every chance I get. "I'm In Here" and the video of it has had over 200,000 hits on YouTube and I receive emails from people all over the world telling me how much that song means to them. For me, that's what music is all about: touching peoples' lives in a positive and meaningful way. I sing and play guitar with my band (The Cathy Hutch Band), have a lot of fun, and still take a turn or two at the drums when the opportunity presents itself!

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