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Michael J Foxx

Hip-Hop, Pop, Punk

Michael J Foxx a versatile independent recording artist, audio engineer and videographer. Residing in Moncton, NB Canada Foxx is constantly in the studio working on new material writing, recording and mixing vocals, or shooting and editing music videos.

In the past 24 months and counting, I've released numerous bodies of work including 5 mixtapes, multiple singles, 1 Collaboration Album "Duality" with Sydney Sexton, and 2 solo albums “When The Street Lights Come On” (Oct 2020) and "Due Diligence" (March 1st) - 1 of a 2 part Album series. Part 2 releases on April 1st.Currently finished up the new project “Perfect Timing” released date May 5th 2021  and releasing my new Album “Year of the Foxx” 8/16/2021 and F.O.X.X. (8/16/2022) and Recently Released “Radio City” and “Rap Sheet” and Emo Trap (Punk Rap) Mixtape Feb 14th 2023

Michael J Foxx released his 2023 album “YONKERS” - Yelling Over Negativity Knowing Real Situations and a Full Loaded Retro Pop Album called "Retro Wave" in 2023.




Sydney Sexton
Just One Mic Recordings Pop and R&B Singer