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Gospel, Hip-Hop

One8tea is an award-winning Canadian hip-hop artist. He is the founder of One8tea Ministries which is an organization focussed on supporting youth in communities all over Canada using concerts and workshops covering topics such as faith, bullying, teen suicide and drug awareness. One8tea was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has experienced eveything from homelessness to a heavy cocaine addiction. In 2010 he entered into a faith based rehab program called Teen Challenge. Upon graduation in 2011 One8tea founded One8tea Ministries and released 3 mixtpes and produced an album for a national charity. He then released 5 independent studio albums with Reverence winning a 2017 Covenant Award for Rap Album of the Year and Ventilation being nominated for a 2019 ECMA award and two 2019 Covenant Awards. In 2021 he won the Music NB Award for Song of the Year and became the 1st Black artist to ever win a Music NB award. He wasn't done there when in 2022 One8tea won the ECMA Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year. In September 2022 One8tea is nominated to enter the New Brunswick Gospel Music Hall of Fame

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