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Indie, Pop, Rock

Spoutnique is a mysterious alt-disco outfit from Edmundston, New Brunswick, that delivers a highly energetic live show with hypnotic grooves and spacey sounds. Fusing Deep House with post punk and electronic undertones, their music transports you through a musical landscape reminiscent of 70’s disco, with a modern twist. Their first full-length release, a concept album entitled "Blue Sky Turns Teal, Vol.I", was released April 2017.

"What an impressive sound they have put together" - Terry Parker, Atlantic Axess

Spoutnique's unique sound is a product of singer/songwriter Paul Bourgoin and his musical imaginings.  “My Blue Sky Turns Teal, Vol. I” is a project that started out as a 5 song EP, but quickly evolved into a concept album that, becoming too colossal for a single release, was ultimately split into two volumes.  The album was recorded and produced by Bourgoin and longtime musical collaborator Daniel Bérubé, who also mixed and mastered the album.

Spoutnique prepared a unique CD release party, where attendees were able to experience “My Blue Sky Turns Teal, Vol. I” in its entirety as a mini-movie, conceived and directed by singer/songwriter Paul Bourgoin.  Blending animation and live-action and set in a parallel universe blurring the lines between reality and fiction, the songs from the album become the soundtrack to a short film that transports the audience through an interstellar love story which exposes the complications of impersonal communication in the 21st century. 



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