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Royalties & Licensing

Beauxmont - Semaine MNB 2023 - Photo par LP Chiasson

          In a nutshell: Distribute royalties to performers. 

CMRRA | Canadian Musical Reproductions Right Agency
          In a nutshell: Music licensing agency for mechanical reproductions

CONNECT | CONNECT Music Licensing
          In a nutshell: Administer licences for the reproduction of sound recordings

IDLA | Independent Digital Licensing Agency
           In a nutshell: Digital royalties aggregator.

MROC | Musicians' Rights Organization Canada
          In a nutshell: Collect and distribute royalties to musicians.

SOCAN | Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
          In a nutshell: Distribute royalties to music creators.

SOPROQ | Quebec Collective Society for the Rights of Makers of Sound and Video Recordings
          In a nutshell: Administer music makers' royalties.

          In a nutshell: Distribute digital performance royalties.

ACTRA RACS | Recording Artists’ Collecting Society
          In a nutshell: Distribute royalties related to neighbouring rights and private copying.

          In a nutshell: Licensing company related to performance rights.