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Photo by LP Chiasson

Music•Musique NB | Annual Report

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Increasing the Export Capacity of New Brunswick’s Music Industry (2016)

As with many of New Brunswick’s and indeed Canada’s industry sectors, businesses who are intent on sustaining growth must at some point focus on expanding beyond the Maritime provinces or even Canada’s borders. The rewards of market expansion or exporting can be significant, but minimizing the risk and increasing the chances of succeeding in new markets requires careful preparation. 

Given that part of MNB’s mission is to ‘…foster the New Brunswick music industry’, the purpose of this research was to identify the market-growth opportunities and challenges of individual artists and the actions that can be taken by MNB to foster an ecosystem within which New Brunswick artists may increase their market capacity and achieve sustainable levels of market expansion or exporting beyond the Maritimes.

Sound IMPACT | A Profile and Economic Impact Assessment of New Brunswick’s Music Industry (2015)

Music•Musique NB commissioned Nordicity to provide a sector profile, economic impact assessment and strategic recommendations for the music industry in New Brunswick in order to inform decision- making for the private sector, government and other stakeholders. Building upon the last study of its kind in 2004, the study provides a reliable and up-to-date assessment of the industry and the significant changes experienced by the industry over the last decade. 

Profile and Economic Impact of the Music Industry of New Brunswick (2004)

Étude Économique Conseil inc. (EEC Canada) was mandated by Music New Brunswick (MNB) to profile the music industry of New Brunswick and to estimate its economic impact.