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Described as a definitive live performer, multi award-winning singer-songwriter Mike Biggar is known for his intense, roiling live performance, signature soaring vocals and disarming on-stage humour. His songs have earned him affection from listeners and accolades from industry. And now with the release of his third full-length album GO ALL IN on Busted Flat Records (03/10/2017), Biggar offers a fresh helping of his songwriting prowess that has twice earned him Music New Brunswick Awards (2011, 2014), an East Coast Music Award (2012) and numerous other nominations and acclaim for his songwriting, videos, and live performance.

Biggar unfurls his music with a potent conviction that reveals his life as one destined to be shared in song. He adds to this a gutsy and bluesy delivery, reflective of his deep childhood roots in gospel music. His songs - paired with a compelling on-stage delivery - disappear the distance between the stage and the listener, drawing you in to be a part of the stories he tells. Unique to an often mellow genre, his high energy vocals steam down the line like a soulful roots-inspired freight train, and his deeply emotional performance has earned him acclaim and respect from fans and fellow artists.

GO ALL IN is a roots music evolution for Biggar, achieved by connecting more deeply than ever with his own musical history. Both sonically and in substance he pays particular attention to his childhood roots in gospel music and the cultural influences of his life on the East Coast. The result is a delightfully eclectic offering that comprises a compelling representation of Biggar's musical lineage. Track to track, GO ALL IN tells a stylistic musical story - from the foot-stompingly fun bluesy acoustic lead-off 'Blood From A Stone' down through brass-backed, soul-stirring Memphis nods like 'Go All In' and 'If It Was Easy'. Biggar's penchant to co-mingle heartbreak and intimacy is well displayed with ballads like 'Leaving These Days' and 'Kinda Sad'. And his noted tradition for top level co-writing continues, pairing with East Coast Blues marvel Charlie A'Court, Newfoundland producer/R&B artist Chris Kirby, and Canadian Country hit-maker Chris Cummings.

Of his production and arrangements Biggar says "It was a total delight to craft such a diverse musical narrative with this album. I was proud to highlight my band's skills, and the various song stylings led to some wonderful collaborating, such as Scott Neubert's marvelous Nashville work on traditional strings like mandolin and pedal steel, and the Los Angeles-based Martin Brothers and their power-packed horns. And I am so proud of the fantastic fellow East Coast artists with whom I got to write for GO ALL IN...I can't wait for friends and fans to hear it!"

A featured performer on major East Coast festival stages including the iconic Stan Rogers Folk Festival, the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, the Kempt Shore Folk Festival, the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and more, Biggar has shared the stage with artists such as Steve Earle, Gordie Sampson, Matt Andersen, Stephen Fearing, Lynn Miles, Dave Gunning, Ron Hynes, Rose Cousins, Del Barber, The Brothers Landreth, and more.

2017 sees Biggar touring like never before with extensive booking across Canada and into the USA, and GO ALL IN creates a beautifully potent Roots music calling card that is sure to garner fresh affection from familiar listeners and make new fans wherever it is heard.

• SEMI-FINALIST, 2016 International Song Writing Competition – “Blood From A Stone”
• Album Released: GO ALL IN (2017 Busted Flat Records)
• NOMINATED: 2015 East Coast Music Award, ‘Country Album of the Year’ – "Feels Like Now"
• WINNER: 2014 Music NB Award, ‘Country Album of the Year’ – "Feels Like Now"
• FINALIST, 2014 Unsigned Only Song Writing Contest – “Better Men”
• SEMI-FINALIST, 2013 International Song Writing Competition – “Better Men”
• Album Released: FEELS LIKE NOW (2013 Busted Flat Records)
• FINALIST, 2013 CCMA National FanFest Performance Contest
• WINNER: 2012 East Coast Music Award - "The Season"
• WINNER, 2011 Music NB Award - "The Season"
• Album Released: THE SEASON (2011 Independent)

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