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Poets and Liars


Poets and Liars
Hailing from various parts of New Brunswick, Poets and Liars are the latest addition while still all being veterans to the scene. Each one of this talented group have taken the best of all of their years of experience and combined it into this dynamic rock trio. Kendra’s incredibly powerful vocals, life reflecting lyrics and no nonsense guitar riffs lead the way with Warren’s dynamic, groove based drumming keeps you moving while Kortni ties together the drums and guitar with her tasty low end on the bass while adding to Kendra’s vocals with her own incredible range of rock harmonies. Taking new looks at Kendra’s years of original writing and combining it with their own songs as “Poets and Liars” this trio is hotter than a pair of Pleather pants on a sunny southern New Brunswick day!

Albums: AKA Kendra Gale Band
Kicking and Screaming (2017)
Carousel (2014)
The Kendra Gale Band (2012)
Paper Blankets (2010)
Moments of Nothing (2008)
Kendra Gale (2006)
Kendra Gale Guitar and vocals –
Warren Beatteay Drums and backup vocals –
Kortni Nicols Bass and vocals-
Dawn Gale – (Manager)

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